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Check out the TechLink Insights investment opportunity!

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

Want to enhance the consulting industry through a disruptive platform?  Are you an executive interested in engaging with industry experts in a new way?

Digital + Human = The Future of Advice

Text to speech with Amazon Polly, trusted profiles with blockchain technology, self learning algorithms, all sounds cliché, but that's the TechLink Insights vision. 

Check out some of the key updates!

TechLink Insights will be featured at Collision 2019 Tech Conference in Toronto as an ALPHA startup.

Product development roadmap has been enhanced to deepen Amazon partnership with text to speech capabilities.

Redesigned MVP has SwipeLink functionality, making it easier to build a team of trusted experts.

Millennial Tech Marketing Group is now incorporated in Delaware to help facilitate investor transactions.

TechLink Insights is a curated insights platform and mobile app, consultant marketplace, and digital concierge service for executives.

At a high level, the disruptive gig economy is leading to a ton of opportunity for digitally connected marketplaces that offer significant growth potential. 

TechLink Insights provides a relationship oriented solution empowered by a digital marketplace with a mobile 1st approach to:

Keep executives informed with curated insights powered by self-learning algorithms as well as industry experts.

Enable both consultants and executives to enhance knowledge through a digital learning academy and showcase expertise with trusted profiles created using blockchain technology.

Connect executives to strategic themes through short term advice sessions, digital roundtables, and expert relationships for long-term needs.

Essentially, TechLink Insights provides a solution to help both executives and independent consultants to connect and engage, adding mutual value.

In preparation for a go-to-market relaunch and to scale operations, TechLink Insights recently opened an investment campaign on Fundable, the largest crowdfunding platform dedicated exclusively to startups. 

If you would like to explore sharing this journey, please consider investing in this financing round.

Below you will find some high-level info on the company, the terms, etc. 

For more details on the opportunity, business plan, team, and other key documents, please visit the Fundable campaign site by clicking below and registering.

Thanks again for your consideration and look forward to connecting in the future!

Best regards,

Anthony H. Staten Managing Director TechLink Insights

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